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BYU Is Leaning Toward Joining The West Coast Conference In Non-Football Sports

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The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that BYU is moving away from joining the WAC and now are leaning toward joining the West Coast Conference for their non-football sports:

Sources in Logan familiar with the situation told The Tribune on Monday it appeared the Cougars were now looking elsewhere for a nonfootball affiliation.

That could mean the West Coast Conference - an eight-school league composed of private, faith-based institutions - is now BYU's destination for its other sports. Utah State, which as of two weeks ago was closely tied to BYU's plans, expects details about BYU's intentions of becoming an independent in football to be announced today.

This is a step down from the old WAC but is probably a slightly better league then the new WAC that will not have Fresno State or Nevada. 

Basketball wise it is a slap in the face to BYU coach Dave Rose who is leaving a league that just produced four NCAA bids to a league that usually gets one or maybe two.  The WCC has some solid basketball programs in Gonzaga, Saint Mary's and San Diego, but that is not the same as playing New Mexico, UNLV, Utah, or San Diego State.

Plus, in joining the WCC four sports do not have a home in swimming, cross country, track, and women's softball.  Only women's softball is a real issue in finding a place to play.  The other sports can compete as an independent since they are mostly individual sports. 

The clock is ticking and we will hear something possibly today according to the Tribune, but do not count on it since there have been prior reports about BYU making an announcement.  Tomorrow night this should all be over and we can look forward to the games.

BYU could just be silent and not say anything regarding their move which will indicate that they are staying, but if the decide to stay they should hold a press conference with media availability so that questions can be asked.

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