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BYU Is The Key To The WAC Five Million Dollar Exit Penalty

There has been some confusion regarding Nevada and Fresno State paying the $5 million buyout because last week it was said (or interpreted by me) that the penalty was null and void, but then yesterday Karl Benson came out strong and said both schools will pay the fee and can not leave the WAC for two seasons which would leave them there through the 2012-2013 season. Then this very topic was brought up in the comment section in a recent post that the penalty is only enforceable if BYU joined the league, and that is something that is not finalized:

The WAC's resolution, obtained by The Tribune last week, indicates that if BYU does not come to a written agreement with the conference by Wednesday, the terms of the agreement, including the $5 million buyout, are void.

The agreement reads: "In the event that no written agreement is executed by BYU on or before September 1, 2010, which agreement will include the obligations contained in paragraphs 3-6 of this Resolution and any additional provisions agreed to by this Board, then this Resolution is terminated."

So, Fresno State and Nevada may be out in the clear if BYU does not join the WAC by Wednesday, and thus leave the WAC with only six teams and in a rush to add more teams. If somehow Nevada and Fresno State can leave the league by the end of this academic year then the WAC will be in a real hurry to add some extra teams. Just expect a lot of lawyerin' going on.

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