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BYU Is Still Pushing For Independence

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The clock is ticking for BYU to make a decision as they have until Wednesday night September 1st to decide they will go independent or stay in the Mountain West.  The topic has been covered extensively on this site, and I am sticking to my original prediction that BYU is not going anywhere; I probably am off on them adding Houston as that may not be until further down the road.

The Salt Lake Tribune is saying an announcement is going to be made as early as today:

Some kind of resolution as the saga moves into its third week - an announcement from BYU if it is leaving; an announcement from the MWC if BYU is staying - is expected as soon as today.

Somehow I doubt that since the Denver Post and other sources have said things will go down at a certain time and all have not.  Again, I will not believe anything until I see it.

It is coming down to a few options: BYU goes to a lesser WAC and hope Karl Benson can add some teams such as Montana to help save the league, go to the WCC in non-football sports but that also entails finding a home for women's softball, track and field, plus swimming, or they stay in the Mountain West.

The money is obviously better going independent and BYU's plans are to only have this be a short term plan, and hope that the Big XII goes back to twelve teams and invites BYU.  

The board of trustees for the Mormon church that owns the school gave the University the go ahead to choose the most beneficial situation for BYU.  Really, we are not any closer to a decision then we were the past few days, but something is coming and we will all have this bizarreness behind us all come Wednesday night.

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