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Former New Mexico Assistant Is Suing The School And Head Coach Mike Locksley

2010 was as a terrible year for New Mexico football as they managed only one win, head coach Mike Locksley punched now former wide receivers coach J.B. Gerald, blackmail for $500K was requested from Gerald's lawyer for media silence, and how can we forget the sexual harassment and ageism suit in the spring of 2009.

Now former coach J.B. Gerald is civilly suing the University from the altercation:

NM spokeswoman Susan McKinsey said in a statement Saturday that the university had not received a copy of the lawsuit , adding that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dismissed civil rights charges by Gerald against the university.

"The University is confident that these judicial proceedings will reach the same result, and will vigorously defend itself and its employees against these claims," McKinsey said.

Who knows if any extra compensation will come for Gerald, since you know the black mail thing and all.

Here is the gist of Gerald's lawsuit toward the school:

The suit also alleges verbal abuse by Locksley in front of other coaches and athletes and racial discrimination by UNM for failing to take appropriate action (i.e. firing Locksley, who was ultimately suspended for one game later in the year). The suit is seeking an unspecified sum for "physical and emotional pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages,"

This could be a make or break year for Locksley, because these distractions are really making the school want Rocky Long back who had a decent record but never got into any trouble like this.

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