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BYU Cougars Expected To Play Riley Nelson And Jake Heaps At Quarterback

Ah, some actual football news this morning.  BYU has plans to start Riley Nelson, but will incorporate hyped freshman Jake Heaps.  Two quarterback systems rarely work as Utah tried it in one game back in 2006 with horrid results, but then Florida did it with Chris Leak being the main starter and then-freshman Tim Tebow came in as a change of pace player who usually ran the ball.

This is from Bronco on why he decided to use two quarterbacks:

"We plan on playing both Riley and Jake at quarterback and feel both will be effective leading our team," Mendenhall said. "Each is a talented player with a different style, which will pose some difficulties for opposing defenses. Both players are committed to this decision and excited to lead our team." 

The BYU situation is the opposite from what Florida did a few years ago as Nelson is a more mobile quarterback where Heaps is the drop back passer with a better arm.  This can not go on to long and a decision needs to be made by week three when the Cougars head to Florida State.

Here are quotes from Riley Nelson and Jake Heaps:

Nelson: "I know this will give us an opportunity to have a highly successful season, Jake and I both have the ability to lead our team and offer unique skills that will help us be successful as an offensive unit. I am excited about this opportunity and fully expect that we will carry on the great tradition and legacy of the quarterback position here at BYU."

Heaps': "I am 100 percent behind this decision. I feel the coaches have made the right decision for both Riley and I and this football team. Riley is a great player and I'm excited to have the opportunity to contribute. This isn't about me or him; it's about us-it's about doing what we can to help our team."

For everyone to be on the same page the quarterback needs to be situated.  For one the receivers know that Nelson improvises more then Heaps with Nelson being much better at that.  The type of ball each throw is different plus the way they call out plays on the line could lead to an extra false start penalty or two per game.

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