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More Emails Regarding BYU's Move To Become Independent

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Here is another batch of emails obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune:

Monday, Aug. 16, from Benson to a group of WAC officials:

"... Looks like Craig Thompson/Mt. West has realized that the BYU issue is real and is now mounting an effort to convince/persuade BYU to stay in the Mt. West. On the other hand, BYU president ... has reiterated his position that BYU is going forward regardless of [whatever] Mt. West may offer."


This one seems that BYU is out no matter what which still may be the case, but that email was written over a week ago and as we all know many things have changed since then.  This particular email is before Nevada and Fresno State backstabbed the league to join the Mountain West.

It also seemed apparent in emails that it was assumed that Nevada and Fresno State did not have the money, but I guess not:

Monday, Aug. 16, from Benson to group:

"I talked with Milt [Nevada president Milton Glick] over the weekend and updated him on the Board call from Friday. He has now ‘signed off' and thus has joined the rest of the Board in unanimously approving the Resolution to enter into an agreement with BYU."

Tuesday, Aug. 17, from Albrecht to USU chief of staff Sydney Peterson:

"Syd, all signatures are in place! I don't think John or Milt has $5 million to buy their way out. [Boise State president Bob Kustra's] world is crumbling and he is desperate, but can you imagine this afternoon's conversation if we didn't have the binding areement in place?"

Not sure by saying Boise State's world was crumbling down, because a league with TCU was still better then what they left since BYU would not be a football member.  The BCS hopes were out the window, but the competition is still a step up.

Now the hateful email where Benson is obviously upset about Fresno and Nevada leaving.

Wednesday, Aug. 18, from Benson to group:

"... [We] watched the ‘Project' disintegrate due to the unethical and selfish actions of two college presidents. As I am sure you know by now Fresno State and Nevada have accepted invitations to join the Mt. West Conference. I know you all have to be devastated by what has occurred. In a 12-hour period, the WAC went from having secured a prosperous future to now not knowing what the future will be."

Wednesday, Aug. 18, from USU vice president Michael Kennedy to Albrecht:

"I'm watching the Mtn. [news conference] and feeling sick to my stomach. Any silver lining?"

That has to hurt Benson and the other member institution.  The WAC has had tough times in the past with 15 years when the 16 team failed which lead to the current Mountain West being formed in an airport in Denver, plus the second round of realignment which brought in current members as idaho, Utah State, and New Mexico State.  

Now there is speculation that the WAC may drop football ($) for a few years until they can get back up to eight football playing members.

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