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WAC Was Attempting To Lure In UNLV And San Diego State

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With yesterday's news about 'The Project' came out with a series of emails obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune it opened up a small can of worms where UNLV was said to get an invite and the WAC was gauging interest from San Diego State.  This is not really new news since during the expansion stuff in July both of these schools said no, but now there is an email with a last ditch effort from Nevada and the WAC to put them and UNLV in the same league. The officials from Nevada were hoping that UNLV would join the WAC, this is was obtained from Jay Drew of The Salt Lake Tribune:


Thought I would give you an update. Shortly after you and I spoke this morning, Nevada and Fresno were issued an invite to the MWC. Our President met with our chancellor and we are giving this opportunity serious thought. It would mean that Nevada and UNLV would finally be in the same conference.
We were hopeful that when Karl met with UNLV, they would consider joining the WAC. They were not interested.

As you know, our board has a resolution that was put in place a few years ago that states that both state schools would work towards a common conference. So much has happened in the past 6 hours -- I wanted you to know what has been going on as I told you that I would keep you posted.

Cary S. Groth
Director of Athletics
University of Nevada

So UNLV said thanks but no thanks and both parties seemed grateful that they are now in the same league, os their game is not a non-conference game.

The WAC was also trying to gauge interest from San Diego State just in case something were to happen:

San Diego State Athletic Director Jim Sterk said there were informal discussions with the Western Athletic Conference in the past few weeks checking SDSU's interest in joining that league. But nothing was ever offered and that was before the WAC recently was weakened with defections by members Fresno State and Nevada to SDSU's Mountain West Conference.

It was one of many informal and hypothetical discussions in the WAC and MWC as Brigham Young University explored leaving the MWC to become an independent in football.

"I know the commissioner there, and weeks ago, it was, ‘What if something happens?'" Sterk said. "We're an attractive member, so if things changed they wanted San Diego State to be in play if you will. But we're a valued member and committed to the Mountain West Conference. This is the place and the league to develop and get stronger."

So, it looks like everyone was pretty much in play and that conference realignment goes on all the time.

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