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Craig Thompson Is Having Friendly Talks With BYU

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This is what Craig Thompson said at the Building a Great City Through Sports luncheon and talke briefly about the current situation regarding BYU: 

Thompson characterized recent talks with BYU as "friendly conversations." Mutually beneficial options for a resolution are unclear. Redistribution would probably need some concessions from the television partners.

"Exclusivity is very important to those distribution agreements," Thompson said.

Thompson also mentioned that there is no way that BYU could be independent in football and stay in the Mountain West in the other sports, because the league bylaws state that all schools must participate in football, mens and women's basketball, and women's volleyball.  So, BYU is in or out and it depends what the do with football.

Some of the compromises that will come up are allowing BYU to rebroadcast their games or simulcast games on BYU-TV. 

Then there is the popular notion to give BYU more cash to stay in the league and while it should not be done it is good news from the other schools perspective that this option has not been discussed:

"There have been no discussions about any kind of disproportionate sharing of revenue," said Air Force Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, who is also chair of the MWC board of directors, after Tuesday's luncheon.

Gould said he didn't know what BYU would do, either, but he was excited about the conference's future, especially after adding Fresno State and Nevada last week.

"With or without Brigham Young, we're confident we have a strong conference," Gould said.

Never one to want to disagree with a Lieutenant General, but sir you are incorrect by saying the Mountain West will be a strong league.  They will still be the seventh best league with or without BYU, but their cache will be much lower.

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