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WAC Corporate Resolution Shows Language About BYU Being Part Of The League

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The Salt Lake Tribune was able to obtain a copy of the WAC corporate resolution which included language regarding BYU as part of their league.

It shows BYU would be a short term member of the WAC since their deal would be a five year deal through 2016, and that the Cougars would not pay an exit penalty if they were to leave the WAC for a BCS league. This makes sense because BYU wants to get into a BCS league so why lock themselves in a long term deal and with a pricey buy out for bolting. Eventually the Big XII will get back to twelve teams and BYU is the logical fit, but finding the other team that can bring extra money to the table (sorry TCU and Houston) will be what the Big XII needs. Arkansas makes the most sense since they were in the old SWC, but these are conversations for another day.

Again this is some pretty good evidence that BYU was expected to move the WAC in all sports minus football, just look at the date of the conference call: 11 a.m. mountain standard time August 13, 2010. Now onto the corporate resolution.

Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Corporate Resolution

Whereas, the Western Athletic Conference is a corporate entity formed for the purposes of establishing and organizing athletic competitions among its members which include the following universities: Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, and Utah State; and,

Whereas, Boise State has given notice of its withdrawal from the conference in accordance with Article II, Section 7 of the bylaws and consequently has forfeited its right to be present at meetings of the Board of Directors when matters relating to prospective new member institutions, or to institutions that have accepted invitations to join the conference, are being discussed pursuant to Article III, Section 5, and;

Whereas, the members of the WAC wish to enter into an agreement with Brigham Young University (BYU); and,

Whereas, BYU and the WAC have been pursuing negotiations for the specific terms and conditions under which BYU will enter into a contract with the WAC; and,

Whereas, in order for BYU to proceed with termination of its current affiliation with the Mountain West Conference it needs certain minimum assurances from the WAC; and,

Whereas, the WAC wishes to take steps to make such minimum assurances to BYU so that a contract with BYU may be completed:

It is therefore resolved as follows:

1. The current bylaws and rules and regulations of the WAC shall remain in full force and effect. To the extent this resolution is in conflict with the current bylaws and/or rules and regulations, this resolution will prevail.

2. The members of the WAC who have attended this telephonic conference conducted at 11 a.m. mountain standard time August 13, 2010 hereby waive notice of the meeting and acknowledge that the actions taken at this meeting are fully binding and effective on all members of the WAC.

3. The terms of this resolution shall become effective immediately. It is understood that the agreement regarding athletic seasons contemplated with BYU will extend through the time frame July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2016 or as extended, or if terminated in accordance with paragraphs 4 and 5 herein.

Did you get all that? A bunch of lawyer talk in there, but this does clear up how deep the plan for BYU joining the WAC was.

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