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BYU Is Not Going Independent And Here Are More Reasons Why

alling my shot here which I did last week by saying BYU will be coming back to the Mountain West, and now it seems more then likely since their sweetheart deal they had in place with the WAC is no longer around.  Now include that the BCS will not make any special arrangements for a potential independent BYU for the next four year cycle that begins this year. 

Bill Hancock, executive director of the BCS, told The Salt Lake Tribune on Monday that there have been no discussions on the part of the BCS board (commissioners of the 11 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision conferences, and the Notre Dame athletic director) regarding how to treat BYU if the Cougars do indeed go independent and approach the BCS about access.

And it won’t be formally discussed, Hancock said, until the commissioners meet in the third week of September. BYU has until Sept. 1 to inform the MWC that it is leaving, but Hancock said an emergency get-together to discuss it before then is "highly unlikely."

Bill Hancock did however acknowledge that he and BYU's Athletic Director Tom Holmoe have met and have had discussions over the past month regarding BYU.  

Would BYU risk having to be a top two team to be guaranteed a BCS bid for the next four years, or hope they can get near the top five and be selected as an at-large team.  The BCS may not be as important making the most money as possible, because it is a given BYU can make more money but the amount that is speculated is a bit high in my opinion.

BYU as an independent would earn more revenue from television than the paltry $1.5 million it currently makes from the MWC’s contracts with Comcast, Versus and the CBS College Sports network is not really debatable. If reports that a deal with ESPN could bring in $4 million to $5 million are true, it is probably safe to say BYU could be looking at close to $10 million in TV money per year if it boltsBYU, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), has always portrayed itself as being ethically and morally, above everyone else in the MWC. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Not sure where BYU will come up with that extra six million per year.  The only speculation comes from Fox Sports Rocky Mountain who said they would pay $5 million for anything not shown on ESPN, but that is the only way and it does not provide games on BYU-TV.  Plus, Fox Sports Rocky Mountain is a regional channel and even though it reaches in parts of Idaho, Colorado, and other neighboring states if there is a college or pro game on that channel the local team would be preempted.  Also, consider if the Utah Jazz play on a Saturday at that time then BYU would be preempted in their home market.  There are alternate Fox Sports channels but they are hard to find and sometimes not labeled with what is on those channels.

The main issue is still finding a spot for the non-football sports and I must reiterate why would BYU leave if they are not going to get any special deal from the BCS for gaining an automatic bid.  All logical signs point to BYU staying.

Some other related news I hate how some people say BYU is not acting like the church they are affiliated with.  This is way different and why treat BYU to a higher standard as a program.  This person is just looking for some excuses on why BYU is trying to leave.

BYU even has an honor code. That code governs not only academic behavior, but also morality, and dress and grooming standards of students and faculty, with the aim of providing an atmosphere consistent with LDS principles.

It covers such things as abstinence from illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea; honesty; living a chaste and virtuous life; obedience to the law; respect for others; and dress and grooming standards.

Again, I have no problem with that. In fact, being a family-oriented man, their standard of living fits well with my own.

That's where all this doesn't coincide with BYU's attempt to leave the MWC.

There is no respect and there is no honesty.

While the honesty part can be questioned with the way BYU went to the WAC to set up their deal, but the rest seems a bit like someone is on their high horse.

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