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Blog Poll Week One: Do We Really Know Anything

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The Blogpoll has been a staple on the internet and was hosted by Brian Cook at MGoBlog where one should go on all things Michigan.  Now the Blogpoll found a new home here at SB Nation and if I am correct the first compiled ballot comes out tomorrow, but to stay in the loop follow the blog poll on twitter @BlogPollTop25 for the latest.  Plus a cool thing is that there is an easy way to check to see what teams received votes and how each blog voted.

Each voter has their own philosophy some use resume style which can be wacky during the first few weeks once teams actually play people, others vote where a team will finish the season, how they are to date, and some use computer programs.

My firs week philosophy is to vote where I think the teams are at present time, but once the season begins I do take into account who they played and if you play an FCS team, sorry you will be dropped and if you play a tough team like a loss does not automatically bump you down because you lost.  A prime example is the Boise State vs. Virginia Tech game this year.   The winner will at least be ahead of the loser, but if the game is remotely close why should the loser fall at all for losing the game.  Obviously Boise would fall because of the head to head matchup.   So, this vote will change wildly depending on who teams play in week one and how bad they win or loss by.  Plus I do take into account head to head schedule even late into the year. 

Enjoy the poll and as always leave your complaints or compliments in the comments.

Others who were considered this week: Navy, Air Force, Auburn, Arkansas, and Cincinnati

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