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BYU Is Ranked 11th On One AP Ballot

The AP top 25 came out earlier today and the easy target to bash was Craig James who historically votes non-BCS teams low and has an overall odd way of voting.  Howerver, there is a ballot that surpasses James' standard of voting and that is Wade Denniston of the Logan Herald-Journal (which is in Utah) he had BYU 11th and was one of two voters to vote BYU at all. The other was Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review Journal who put BYU at 22nd which is too high my opinion but not really too out of line.

Back to Denniston's vote I do not want to bash the guy without trying to hear an explanation of why which is why I am going to try to contact him and see if he responds to why BYU is so high, and to see what his voting philosophy is overall.  He has six teams rated higher then anyone else, he is the lowest on Oklahoma, and is at an extreme end on four over votes.  


 Rank   Team   Agree   Higher   Lower 
 1   Alabama   0 - HIGHEST       
 2   Boise State 
 3   Texas 
 4   Florida 
 5   TCU 
 6   Ohio State 
 7   Iowa 
 8   Penn State   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 9   Virginia Tech 
 10   Cincinnati   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 11   BYU   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 12   Oregon 
 13   Georgia Tech 
 14   Nebraska 
 15   Wisconsin 
 16   Pittsburgh 
 17   Utah   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 18   LSU 
 19   Miami (FL) 
 20   Mississippi   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 21   West Virginia 
 22   Texas Tech   0       
 23   Oklahoma State   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 24   Central Michigan   0         0 - HIGHEST       
 25   Oklahoma   0         0 - LOWEST       


 Extreme Unranked Teams 
  Red   = Extreme rankings (highest or lowest)
  Yellow   = Near Extreme rankings (rankings that approach extreme values)


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