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"Petros and Money" discuss BYU and the MWC

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Petros and Money (via <a href="">The Bicycle Casino</a>)
Petros and Money (via The Bicycle Casino)

Was listening to "Petros & Money" on Fox Sports Radio (XM 143) and Petros Papadakis gave an 11 minute diatribe on BYU-gate.  I think Petros did a great job of summarizing the situation and giving an unbiased, insightful, and most importantly entertaining opinion on the matter.  Petros' concluding take on the matter is sure to ruffle a few feathers over here and can be summarized as this: 

Nobody wants to deal with BYU and they should stay in the MWC.

You can take a listen here, just scroll down to "8/19 Hour 3" and it starts about 12 minutes in.

For those that are wondering, Petros Papadikis is a former USC running back, a Fox Sports Net college football analyst, and is about as fair and unbiased as they come in the world of sports talk radio.

If you've never listened to "Petros and Money" before I highly recommend them, they can best be described as the anti-Mike & Mike.