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Utah State Is Trying To Negotiate Their Way Into The Mountain West

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Guess Utah State turned down a deal that nw looks like it would have been a good move .  When Utah State first turned down the advances from the Mountain West they said they were staying for the good of the WAC while that may be true I think that $5 million exit fee was the real reason they stayed.

A source close to the USU administration tells the Deseret News Utah State is actively negotiating a berth in MWC with WAC falling apartless than a minute ago via web

To be clear, that source says nothing impending, but that is the goal of current negotiations for USU.less than a minute ago via web


This could be good news for Nevada and Fresno State, because how are you going to pay an exit penalty if there is no WAC to speak of.  Now, Karl Benson could add a few teams by next summer to keep the league alive, so the penalty may still be there.  However, there is that 60 day notice to provide payment and I wonder if there will be some lawyers involved for the departing teams to argue that there will be no league when they leave and then there will be lawyers for the WAC saying they signed a contract.

In other Utah State news used car salesman head basketball coach Stew Morrill is not too happy with what has happend over the past few days

"We got shafted,'' said Morrill, reacting to the moves by Fresno State and Nevada to leave the WAC after agreeing to $5 million buyouts four days earlier. "But we'll be fine. We've been in a lot of different leagues and we've survived. We've survived in the Big West. We were fine. In the WAC, we've been fine. We'll stay in the WAC and it will change, but we'll be fine.''

He is right Utah State is nearing the level of Butler and Gonzaga in the non-major in hoops.  Here is a list of their credentials over the past decade:

"We've been to 11 straight postseasons, seven NCAA tournaments and averaged 25 wins,'' Morrill said. "We've been in two different leagues and last year had an RPI of 30. Whatever our situation will be, in recruiting I tell our guys that we will have a strong basketball program. We average 10,000 fans, we're 176-13 at home since I've been here at Utah State. Sometimes you sell the league you're in and sometimes you have to sell your program.''

Any move by Utah State will still depend on what BYU does in regards to being independent in football.  This is a crafty move by Utah State, and if BYU bolts then I could definitely see the Aggies taking BYU's spot which will help keep the Utah/Salt Lake market albeit to a lesser degree.

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