Is Utah Coming Back to the MWC?

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The San Francisco Examiner has this to say about a possible block of Colorado and Utah to the Pac-10:

The expansion of the Pac-10 Conference to include Colorado and Utah is not set in stone. It’s meeting some strong opposition, most notably from former UCLA chancellor Chuck Young, who is still on the Knight’s Commission for intercollegiate athletics.

The article points out concerns with adding Colorado and Utah.  The main one is everyone wants an annual trip to South Cali.  Which is pretty impossible to set up, unless you split USC and UCLA. 

Also there are questions about the TV package that the 12-Pac would get, in wither it would be enough to pay for adding 2 more teams.  Which is what I've been saying for a long time with the Big IIX...adding 2 more teams you have to add a significant amount of TV money to make the division of the pie work. And Colorado and Utah, aren't those types of teams or markets.

First before any gets too freaked out, this is from a FORMER chancellor..not a current one, and he's just an adviser.  It would be assumed that all these concerns were laid out and known about prior to inviting these two schools.

However,  in the Pac-10 to admit a new school, they have to have 100% unanimous vote.  Only one no vote and it all unravels, and that official vote hasn't happened yet

Part of me thinks this might actually come undone.  Pac-10 expansion was never about CU with Denver, and Utah with Salt Lake City.  It was about getting UofTexas and it's following and the state of Texas TV's

Now if this DOES come undone and just ONE Pac-10 schools votes no when the official vote comes, what happens then?  Would CU rescind their petition to leave the Big 12 or is it too late?  If they could back out of leaving, and it turns out they are still a member of the Big IIX than I would assume the Big 12 would have to take Utah, and go to 12 teams with Utah replacing Nebraska.

If Colorado can't get back in to the Big 12, and are already out.....CU and Utah might just be the homeless or hoping to join the Mountain West Conference.   Like the Pac-10...adding Colorado and Utah wouldn't add enough TV money to the Big IIX to warrant cutting the pie 12 ways vs cutting it 10 ways.