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Bill Hancock Believes A 16 Team Playoff Is The Best Option

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SB Nation's resident BCS guru posted this about Bill Hancock who mentioned the hated 'playoff' word by BCS supporters:

"A 16-team playoff in the only way to have a playoff because it would include all of the conferences." Bill Hancock said.

But Hancock said he thought any type of playoff system would hurt college football by making regular-season games less important. "We have the most compelling regular season of any sport." he added.

The best regular season should figure out how to have the best post season as well.  The NFL does it with a great regular season and a great playoff without hurting the game.  Everyone knows my opinion on the playoff, which is that it should be happening in college football.

While this statement by Hancock could be a throwaway line it is the first time any type of idea for a playoff has been mentioned.  Utah's Kyle Whittingham and I believe TCU's Gary Patterson are for a playoff, but they have yet to been presented with one. Even with this blurb of Hancock saying a 16 team playoff is the way to go do not expect those coaches to dissect the logistics.

At least Hancock realizes that a playoff should include all conference champions with the five at-large spots reserved for the major conferences and the occasion non-BCS team that has an exceptional year.

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