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Karl Benson Calls Nevada And Fresno State Selfish In Teleconference

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Karl Benson was very kind with his time in the 80 minute teleconference and he pretty much called out Fresno State and Nevada for being selfish:

"The other six WAC board members were under the belief that the action taken by the eight schools last Friday indicated a willingness and desire and intent to move this forward, knowing that the potential outcome would have included a BYU and would have stabilized and solidified the WAC into a very, very good position for the future."

Nevada did NOT sign the $5 million exit penalty, but Benson will attempt to gather that money since they verbally agreed to the deal. Another interesting note is that Benson will attempt to keep Fresno State and Nevada in the league through the 2012 academic year. That is because the deadline to have moved with Boise State to the Mountain West was July 1st of 2010, and unless the Mountain West can do something to speed that up they are stuck. The only way the WAC would be interested is with money, but it makes sense for Benson to stick with the exit plan because this bides him a year to find replacements.

As for those replacements Benson said he will look to add FBS schools, but the reality who is there to get.  UNLV is not going to the WAC now that their rival is in the same league, but perhaps New Mexico would go because it would be an easier league for them to get some football wins plus they would be with their rival New Mexico State.  Also, San Diego State could be considered for some of the same reasons as New Mexico.

Texas-San Antonio and Texas State were mentioned as long side with Montana, UC Davis, and Cal Poly as possible replacements, but the league would be knocked down a peg.

Back to that $5 million exit fee bylaws state it is due within 60 days of their announcement, so the clock is on for Nevada and Fresno State to pay the WAC by October 17th.  In hindsight Benson somewhat jokingly said the buyout should have been $20 million.

As mentioned in an earlier post about the WAC able to have six teams in basketball and keep their auto berth for hoops, but football must have eight teams to be an NCAA league.

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