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Reviewing Craig Thompson's Teleconference

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Craig Thompson is not usually a man to be proactive, just remember back in June they waited almost a week to invite Boise State to the league.  That has all changed as Thompson is out on the offensive by inviting Fresno State and Nevada.  The big thing I noticed from the teleconference was that how evasive he was about BYU's situation and keep saying 'you will have to talk BYU about that.'  

Thompson also talked about that they made it lucrative for Fresno State and Nevada to join.  Not sure what that means, but it may have something to do with the $5 million exit penalty by the schools.  However there are still conflicting reports about if either school signed that.  Plus, there is an entry fee to join the Mountain West so who knows if that will be waived.  It is not as if the Mountain West is rolling in cash, so not sure what incentives they could be offering.  Perhaps BCS status in the near future, but that is something that can not be guaranteed and without BYU no chance in that.

This quote from Craig Thompson says it all:

"I don’t know what BYU’s intentions were, or are."

He had many chances to confirm something going on with BYU but kept deferring to BYU and repeated that as of this time they are a full fledged member of the Mountain West conference.  He also said BYU has not talked to him or any MWC officials about BYU leaving the league in 2011, again I doubt that because BYU wanted to keep this quiet.

The one big thing that Thompson was insistent on was that he would not be giving any special concession to BYU to keep them in the league.  One answer that made everyone know that BYU was on the move and Thompson was not telling the truth about that was when he was asked why today to add Fresno State and Nevada.

He responded by saying that he was in Philadelphia in a meeting with Comcast and CBS regarding the television contract and the way he responded made it seem that Comcast wanted more markets.  But, why Fresno State and Nevada they are not that big of markets whereas my favorite addition should be Houston is a huge market.  I know Houston Cougar football is low on the list, but still getting the Mtn there would be huge.

Check back later as I review Karl Benson's teleconference.

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