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WAC Basketball Not Dead As Some Thought Last Night

My inaccurate assumption was that a league below eight teams would not receive an auto-bid to the NCCA, but that is not the case as the NCAA will allow the WAC to still get a basketball auto bid with six teams.  Adding BYU would give them seven and still allow them to have hope that the league will stay together.  

Karl Benson has said that he will be attempting to get the $10 million penalty from Nevada and Fresno State for leaving even though they supposedly did not sign that agreement, and Benson is looking to expanding the WAC.

This by no means leaves the WAC in much better shape, because football wise they are still at six and that does not allow them to be a FBS league.  Not sure if Benson can gather two more teams or somehow convince BYU to play football in the WAC (I doubt that).  There could be a rash of teams either going independent for a year or two or some drop to FCS status.

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