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Fresno State And Nevada Accept Offer To Join The Mountain West

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The back and forth going through the Mountain West and the WAC is an epic boxing match and a game of chicken all rolled into one.  Earlier today it was revealed that BYU was behind the $5 million penalty forced upon any WAC members who decide to change leagues in the next five years.

Earlier today there were many reports saying the Mountain West invited Fresno State and Nevada, but both declined. However, that was not the case as the actual invite came later and Fresno State has accepted.  Another interesting note is that Nevada has not signed the $5 million deal, and the Wolfpack will also be joining the Mountain West:

Nevada will join in-state rival UNLV and current WAC foe Boise State in the MWC, which also invited Fresno State to join the conference in 2011.
Brigham Young University's decision to consider being an independent in football and a member of the Western Athletic Conference in all other sports seems to have spurred all the movement.

Now with news it puts the WAC at seven schools for football and eight for hoops with BYU joining the league.  Could BYU be on their way back to the Mountain West and just used this as a ploy?

As for the Mountain West it is saved and for arguments sake BYU stays independent in football that puts the Mountain West back at a nice round number of ten teams for the 2011 season.  As for BCS status goes I do not think the schools do too much  with BYU leaving.  The average ranking may go up, but I do not think it will be enough unless one of those schools have a huge year this year.

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