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BYU Behind the WAC Buyout: The Ultimate Betrayal

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It would appear that  BYU stabbed the MWC in the back long before stabbing the conference in the heart today.  In a perfect world the MWC would like to add Fresno State and Nevada and move on.  But there is one major problem in that Fresno State and Nevada signed the WAC's new $5 million, 5-year buyout clause.  Crazy timing right?  WRONG!   According to BYU was behind the whole thing:

The schools made the buyout move to keep other members from following the Broncos to the Mountain West. According to sources close to the situation, BYU wanted the buyout agreement reached to ensure the WAC would remain if the Cougars returned to the league in all sports but football.

Et tu, BYU?   This betrayal will not be forgotten and just remember "karma is a b****!" 

Also a little suggestion for BYU Freshman phenom quarterback Jake Heaps, you better fake an injury or an illness the week of the TCU game this year because Gary Patterson's boys are gonna rip you apart.