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The @CSUFootball Twitter Account Was Hacked

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This is according to Bruce Feldman at ESPN.

MWC source sez the folks at CSU football, who "broke" news of BYU announcement, claim their Twitter feed got hacked & they can't log back inless than a minute ago via web

(I love this new tool)

I posted that tweet last night and did question its validity.  

Here is a press release issued by the Colorado State athletic department:

At approximately 11 p.m. MDT last night, and again this morning around 5 a.m. MDT, the Colorado State football Twitter feed was deliberately compromised by an anonymous individual wishing to spread multiple rumors and attribute them to CSU.

The tweets did not originate with anyone employed by the university. The tweets have been removed and the athletic department has changed passwords on all official athletics Twitter accounts.

The Colorado State athletic department apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused members of the media or fans following the football Twitter account.

This seems to be going faster then all the expansion talk back in June.  I guess the only thing to add is just stay tuned to the site and my twitter feed @JeremySBN for any details I come across.

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