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TCU Announces Stadium Renovation

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Time to say "goodbye" to Amon Carter Stadium as you know it...  (via <a href="">thetcumagazine</a>)
Time to say "goodbye" to Amon Carter Stadium as you know it... (via thetcumagazine)

What was long considered to be in the works was finally made official today, TCU's Amon G. Carter Stadium is getting a massive face-lift

TCU today announced a $105 million renovation of the west side and north end zone of Amon G. Carter Stadium to better enhance football fans’ experience, upgrade amenities and transform the historic Fort Worth icon into the "Camden Yards" of collegiate football stadiums.  Work on the renovation, which is funded by donor support, will begin immediately following this year’s football season and be fully completed in 2012.

The "Camden Yards" of college football?  I like the sound of that.  Click here to see an artist's rendering of what the future has in store for "The Carter."  In addition to making the stadium more aesthetically pleasing the renovation will also change many functional aspects of the stadium.

Built in 1930, this is the first major renovation to the stadium since the upper deck was added in 1956. Designed by HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, who most recently completed work on the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, the renovation greatly enhances the fan experience by improving stadium accessibility, seating and views of the playing field. The renovation consists of:

  • Significantly upgraded and new concession stands for better access and reduced wait times
  • Elevators and escalators to better facilitate stadium accessibility and crowd flow
  • A new, raised seating bowl on the west and north end for enhanced field views
  • Upgraded and additional men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Suites, club seating and lounges on the west side of the stadium 
  • A new press box