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Wyoming Loses Six Players This Week To Suspension Or Leaving Team

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Earlier this week Wyoming suspended three players for their home opener against Southern Utah and then three other players left the team or were kicked off. Losing six players this close to the season is never good, but at least for the suspended ones it is against Southern Utah who is an FCS team. The three suspended players were kicker Ian Watts, CB Kenny Bowder, and freshman RB Nehemie Kankolongo. The reasons are unknown and were given the suspension due to 'violation of team rules.' There are many reasons that fall under violation of team rules; the three could have broke curfew during camp, late to meetings, or practice.

The other three that left the program were WR Dvid Tooley, safety Larry Mitchell, and WR Turmour Battle. Battle was kicked off the team for the same 'violation of team rules' where Tooley and Mitchell left on their own accord. Only receiver Tooley was expected to see significant time this year, because last year he showed some promise in a few games as he had one touchdown reception and a solid game against rival Colorado State. Tooley could have left the team because of his injury he suffered against the Rams last year where he cracked a bone while tearing two ligaments, and cartilage.

I was going to speculate that these players were under the Joe Glenn system and were just doing what they did with him. For those who have forgotten Glenn was likable coach and not to heavy handed on discipline or even practices. A few of the players were recruited by Glenn but none were part of his team. Having players leave the program and being suspended do give others a chance to step up and show the coaches what they can do. The concern is depth because most non-BCS teams have a good first team but once a team has to move players from their two's and three's there is a huge drop off.

Even though these players were not in the starting lineup -- except for kicker Ian Watts -- it can still effect a team who has to move up the fourth or fifth defensive back who would see time in blowouts is now going to see time in nickle or dime deffensive packages.  So, hopefully for Wyoming's sake other players will step up when they get a chance to play.

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