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Kyle Whittingham Voted Top Non-BCS Coach

That is not really too much of a surprise that Utah's Whittingham is the top non-BCS coach, but the rest of the list is puzzling. Well, let me rephrase that first comment, it is no surprise that Whittingham is at the top, but Boise State fans may disagree with Chris Peterson not being first. Chris Petersen is the only non-BCS coach to go to two BCS bowl games and win where as Whittingham has been part of two, but only the head coach for one. My only assumption to why Whittingham is above Petersen is because the Mountain West is a tougher league and has tougher competition, and that Utah has been able to schedule BCS opponents (hard to downgrade Petersen for that) and win those games.

The criteria is not very clear, but my assumption is that the rankings involved what each coach has done as a head coach in the non-BCS realm, but Peterson should be the top of the list. Another complaint is how is freakin' Pat Hill still on the list at number six, and ahead of BYU's Bronco Mendenhall.

Here is what Rivals says about Hill:

Hill has made Fresno State into a nationally respected program with the mantra to "play anybody, anytime, anywhere." He's the longest tenured coach on this list, entering his 14th season in his job with a 100-66 mark. No, Hill hasn't taken Fresno State to a BCS bowl, and his Bulldogs haven't won the WAC since 1999. But he's also had to work with resources that pale compared to his peers.

That 'play anybody, anytime, anywhere' is so played especially since their best win against a BCS team is a 2008 win over a mediocre 8-5 Rutgers team. That almost win over USC is their best showing, and with no conference titles in over a decade; again how is he ahead of Bronco Mendenhall who has won multiple conference in only five years. Plus, that 1999 title was shared with two other teams.

Actually looking at the list the top seven is out of line, with the only person in the right spot is TCU's Gary Patterson who is at third, and possibly Air Forces Troy Calhoun who could be higher then eighth. Houston's Kevin Sumlin is fourth because of hype and not actually on the field success with zero conference titles.

I kind of get June Jones because he took Hawaii to a BCS bowl berth -- even though on a weak schedule -- and now has taken SMU to their first bowl game sine 1984. Plus, in my opinion is way over paid at $2 million per year. Putting him above Bronco can be justified because at Hawaii he had only two losing seasons in nine years with two conference titles with the 1999 one shared with Fresno State and TCU.

Below is the list the rivals list:

1. Kyle Whittingham, Utah

2. Chris Petersen, Boise State

3. Gary Patterson, TCU

4. Kevin Sumlin, Houston

5. June Jones, SMU

6. Pat Hill, Fresno State

7. Bronco Mendenhall, BYU

8. Troy Calhoun, Air Force

9. Chris Ault, Nevada

10. Jerry Kill, Northern Illinois

11. Al Golden, Temple

12. Larry Blakeney, Troy

13. Todd Graham, Tulsa

14. Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee

15. Dave Christensen, Wyoming

Now here is my top five:

1. Chris Petesen, Boise State

2. Kyle Whittingham, Utah

3. Gary Patterson, TCU

4. June Jones, SMU

5. Bronco Mendehnall, BYU

June Jones getting to a BCS game puts him over the top but it is very, very close between Bronco and June Jones.

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