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Where I Come From: Tailgating Traditions

*This post is part of a week long series being sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.*


Fist off I have to be honest I am not a huge tailgating guy at the games, because I have only been attending games the past few years by either attending Utah or BYU games.  Those have only been a few of my tailgating experiences there which have been solid, but the best times tailgating were when I att Texas verse Texas A&M games.  

The games I attended were at College Station and the best part of tailgating there was just going trailer to trailer and testing everyones food. This was when the kick was at 11a.m. and not the Thanksgiving evening game, which did not matter with the tailgaters having the smokers, grills, and open flames cooking up some very, very good Texas barbecue, sausages, chili, and pretty much any type of meat that will go on a grill.  

Typically the tailgating was the best part of the day for Aggie fans since the times I attended games the Longhorns were the more superior team and won every game I was in attendance for.  We never had our own section since I lived in Houston as did my brother, but people are so generous of sharing food and just hanging out made the pre game very fun

My pre game traditions have typically been having parties at my house or at the house of friends.  Getting food together at home can sometimes be better then doing so at any particular game because the cleanup is much easier to handle then it is to drag your grill and coolers to the tailgate lot.  Plus, the positive of eating good food during the game, not having to waste time in the concession lines, or missing the game.

I do not really have any special recipes for my food, but I would get the traditional football food with some good pizzas, cook my own array of meats from steaks, sausage links, brawts, burgers, all the good stuff.

I know my tailgating or pregame food is not the most exotic but I had good times just hanging out with friends getting ready for the game.

Go ahead and let us know of your pregame rituals and perhaps drop some knowledge on myself and the readers on how you tailgate.