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Kicking Off The Season With EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

*This post is part of a week long series being sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.*

EA Sports asked our college sites to sponsor a week's worth of posts leading up to the release of NCAA Football 2011 next Tuesday, July 13th (can't wait!). They weren't interested in telling us what to say, but rather in sponsoring a series of posts celebrating diehard fans of college football.

If you're like me, the annual release of EA's NCAA Football is like Christmas in July, and I'm more than happy to celebrate next week's holiday with a week-long look at what it means to be a fan of the Mountain West and your specific team.  I'll be posting once a day between now and the release of the game next Tuesday, starting in a few minutes with the first of the series -- "Where I Come From: How I became a fan of the Mountain West."

You will also hear from some of our writers about their favorite teams and moments as well, and just to get pumped below are some videos from the game.

Below is the rest of the schedule.

Tuesday: All-Time Favorite Mountain West Teams

Wednesday: Tailgating Traditions

Thursday: All-Time Favorite Players

Friday: Most Memorable Moments as a Mountain West Fan

Monday: Expectations for the 2010 Season

Tuesday: Christmas in July the release of the game!

EA Sports and I invite you to jump in the comment section of each post. I look forward to hearing all your own stories and traditions of your team.