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Predicting The Season: BYU @ Air Force

The conference slate starts early in the Mountain West and this game will have implications on post season bowl play. Both teams are 1-0 in the fan vote, BYU over Washington and the assumed non-voting of Air Force over Northwestern State.

BYU has always had the edge on Air Force for the longest time, but this could be the year that Air Force moves out of BYU's shadow; well for at least one year. BYU will have all ready had a test against Washington whereas Air Force would have romped their FCS foe. This game should be a very good matchup with the diverse styles of play, and my early prediction has Air Force finally beating BYU for the first time since 2003.

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BYU is ranked 45th while Air Force is 42nd in the Sporting News top 100. The game is on Versus and kick is at 4p.m. eastern time on Saturday September 11th.

Voting lasts 24 hours and will begin everyday at 11am mountain time.

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