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Mountain West Could See Basketball Games On CBS This Year

This came out of nowhere and I must just have missed it, but Craig Thompson mentioned that there is a chance that some conference basketball games could be on CBS this upcoming season:

"Not to jump the gun, but we will soon see a game or two on CBS," he said out of left field. "Not yet in football, but in basketball."

When asked if that would be this season, Thompson paused for nearly 10 seconds before answering.

"Let's wait until basketball media day on that stuff. There's always some changes. I say that today. We have not finalized (it). The schedule has not been released, but I would expect Mountain West college basketball on CBS.

"Just a game or two."

This would be bigger then huge, because I have been speculating that when CBS bought CBS College that they should use the Mountain West for a double header to compliment their SEC games.  I do not think the rare 10 am or 11 am local start time for a noon eastern game on over the air CBS would be a bad thing.

Looks like the basketball media days will be very exciting, and if there are a few conference games on CBS, then it would make sense to put the conference title game from the MWC tournament on CBS as well.

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