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HELP WANTED: Looking For Some Writers

The college football season is upon us in a few short weeks and it has come to my attention that I still have a few teams that do not have specific people covering.  Having people who follow certain teams more closely brings a better product then having others on the outside researching these teams, so it would be better to have an enthused fan writing about your team.

Here is what I am looking for in terms of coverage: TCU, New Mexico, and BYU; also some help is needed with Wyoming since our main contributor last year is busy and is not able to help out as much (yes there are more important things then this site). 

Also, I am would like to bring some people on who are really into recruiting, we have dabbled here in some but it is time consuming.  So, if anyone out there wants assist in recruiting where one would do research on verbal commits and perhaps post some stats from their high school games, scheduled visits, and camps they attend those things are what I am looking for.

Also, a multimedia person who would scour the internet to post videos of press conferences, highlights, audio clips from radio interviews, and stuff like that. 

If you are interested shoot me an email at or post your info in the comments. 

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