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Wyoming Fans Really Want Heath Schroyer Fired

Perhaps firing Steve McClain after a 17-15 season in 2006 was a bad move.  McClain was one of the most successful coaches Wyoming ever had with an overall record of 157-115 in his nine year tenure at Wyoming.  During that time McClain went to the post season four times with a win over Gonzaga in the 2002 NCAA tournament, twice he was a conference coach of the year, only two losing seasons, and two 20 win seasons.

The heat toward current coach Heath Schroyer is understandable toward a fans perspective due to a lack of wins, but last year with the loss of top scorer Afam Muojeke out with injuries makes things difficult.  Local Wyoming product Adam Waddell feels fans need to realize what is going on at Wyoming:

"I really feel that coach has taken a bad rap, and I don't think it's fair. I don't think people get to see what's going on behind the scenes, and they don't see what happens away from the court. I just really wish that people would step back and give us a chance and look at all the improvements."

Waddell said some of the stuff that is hollered from the stands and the things he hears and reads take a toll on a team.

"It's hard for us to turn the cheek and just say what people out there are saying doesn't really matter," Waddell said. "They were just yelling obscenities at the coach when he was doing all he could with what he had last year."

Has Waddell never been to a Wyoming football game prior to attending Wyoming? He should realize the fans are not too kind, but then again should attempt to shrug them off since fans do not really know what is going on from with in.

There is even a Facebook page devoted to getting a new coach called, Fire Heath Schroyer, Hire a good coach.

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