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Nebraska Denying Reports That They Are Heading To Big 10 At This Time

Good thing I found this report regarding Nebraska denying the are heading to the Big 10, because I was in progress of writing about the future of the Mountain West and that will take at least a day off until some stuff settles down.  The news earlier in the day was that Nebraska was for sure heading to the Big 10 which in return lead six Big XII teams -- being anchored by Texas -- going to the Pac-10 for a 16 team mega-conference.

While Nebraska is denying the report as of present time it does not mean the invite will come Friday.  Here is the denial statement from the University:

"A report being circulated this afternoon among sports media stating that the University of Nebraska Board of Regents 'met informally' today and have 'agreed to move to the Big Ten' is not accurate. Members of the Board's executive committee met via conference call to discuss the agenda for Friday's meeting. Such meetings routinely take place prior to Board meetings. At its meeting on Friday, the Board will be briefed on UNL athletic conference alignment and consider a resolution. No action was taken during today's conference call, and none will be taken prior to Friday's meeting."

Then there is this from Nebraska's Board of Regent chairman Bob Phares who laid out some factual errors:

"First of all, there are several factual errors. No. 1, there's been no vote by the board at all. No. 2, as I understand it, there are no invitations that are extended. You decide if you wish to make an application and then they react to your application.

"And I heard that there were reports that Tom Osborne had advised all of his staff that it was a done deal. You can talk to Tom and see what his comment is. I would be immensely surprised if that was the case, because as I said there's been no vote by the board and no formal decision."

No vote has been taken yet, but they are meeting Friday so expect the move to be hopefully finally official, and then perhaps once something is official then something can be written about what the next move for the Mountain West will be.

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