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BREAKING NEWS: Pac-10 Looking To Add Six Big Twelve Teams And No Utah

Rivals site Orangebloods is reporting that the Pac-10 is looking to add six teams from the Big XII. This is huge news and the teams involved will be Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.  Utah who has been reportedly a target looks to no be in the mix.


Such a merger between the six Big 12 schools and the Pac-10 would build a conference with seven of the country's top 20 TV markets (Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle and Sacramento). And such a league would likely command attention from every cable system in the country and command a premium rate from every cable system west of the Mississippi.

This could also assume that Nebraska and Missouri are heading to the Big 10.  Also, this leaves Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Baylor are out of a league. This could be a chance for the MWC to grabe a few of the left overs to get to 12.  

Further analysis later when I have time to process this all.