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Previewing New Mexico's 2010 Opponents: Texas Tech Red Raiders

Everyone and I mean everyone will miss the Cap'n Mike Leach who turned Texas Tech into a legitimate threat to Texas and Oklahoma in the Big XII South, but no more the Raiders are going to be lead by the complete opposite man in Tommy Tubberville.  Tubberville was last seen roaming the sidelines of Auburn where his best season was in 2004 where they went undefeated in the SEC, but were shut out of a chance for the title because Oklahoma and USC were in the drivers seat the entire season.  He was then fired when his record started to slide each of the next few years and was let go after the 2008 season where they went 5-7.

Tubberville has promised to continue the Air-Raid offense, for now.  He has the offense in place and he should slowly move away from the offense so that Tech is not follow Rich Rod in Michigan by trying to force his way.  The offense should keep clicking with seven offensive starters back, and most importantly QB Taylor Potts and the top three wide outs from last year.  New offensive coordinator Neal Brown should have no problem calling the plays with this lineup. He cam from Troy where he also ran an uptempo offense, and he just happens to be one of the youngest offensive coordinators in the country at 29.

While Potts is the starter right now for Tech look for Steven Shefield to make a push for the starting job in the fall, or at least push Potts to be a better quarterback.  The running game will be utilized more with Harrison Jeffers who will be getting the ball more on the ground to attempt to give the Red Raiders the appearance of a balanced team.  Also, Jeffers could be the most explosive player on the Red Raiders roster, so look for him to be involved in the passing game as well.


Tubberville will be changing the defense to a 3-4 defense which will allow for them to have multiple looks, but finding the right three players will be tough since the top three lineman are gone from last years team.  On defense look for Bront Bird to be a rover style linebacker who will be attacking the quarterback from multiple locations.

The defense needs work and in the Big XII they will have their worked cut out for them, but Tommy Tubberville is a good defensive coach and should be able to at least scheme is way to a better defense.


Coach: Tommy Tuberville
Last season: 9-4 overall, 5-3 in the Big 12. Beat Michigan State 41-31 in the Alamo Bowl.


Offense (7): RB Baron Batch, G Lonnie Edwards, WR Detron Lewis, T Chris Olson, QB Taylor Potts, WR Tramain Swindall, WR Alex Torres.
Defense (6): LB Bront Bird, LB Brian Duncan, FS Cody Davis, SS Franklin Mitchem, CB LaRon Moore, T Colby Whitlock.
Special teams (2): P Ryan Erxleben, K Matt Williams.