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Boise State Guide For Mountain West Fans

Now that the wait is finally over with Boise State set to join the Mountain West for the 2011 academic year.  Now it is time to get acquainted with Boise State athletics.  

The first important is to see where Bronco fans hang out which happens to be here at SB Nation with OBNUG which is a one of the better college blogs out there and the best Boise State blog out there.


The Boise skyline

The city has about 200,000 people residing there and the state has about 1.5 million, and is a lot similar to the other schools out west like Salt Lake, Colorado Springs, Provo, and Albuquerque.   


Some history about Boise State which makes their football success is even more mind boggling:

  • Junior College 1933-1967 (199-61-9)
  • Division II 1968-1978 (74-30-2)
  • Division I-AA 1979-1995 (121-67-0)
  • Division I 1996-Present (133-41)
  • They have two BCS bowl wins (2006,2009)
  • 6-4 in bowl games
  • Nine conference titles

Not bad for a school who is 15 years removed from I-AA football, and here is a glorious picture of their stadium that tv people watching hate.


Sports Teams

Boise State will bring over six mens varsity teams, they have seven but wrestling competes in the Pac-10, and ten women's varsity programs.

  • Basketball (men and women)
  • Cross Country (men and women)
  • Football
  • Golf (men and women)
  • Gymnastics (women)
  • Soccer (women)
  • Softball
  • Swimming and Diving (women)
  • Tennis (men and women)
  • Track and Field (men and women)
  • Volleyball (women)
  • Wrestling (competes in Pac-10)

The basketball team has not been all that great, but they do have a nice name for their arena, Taco Bell arena.800px-taco_bell_arena_2009_medium

The arena looks normal from the outside, but in true wackiness of the Boise State colors scheme here is the inside of Taco Bell arena.  To be fair Boise State has been able to host a few NCAA tournament games.


There best season in recent history was their 2008 season where they made a run in the WAC tournament as a four seed and beat New Mexico State on their home court in triple over time to receive an NCAA tournament berth.  Besides that 2004 looks to be one of their better season when they won two games in the NIT tournament over UNLV and Wisconsin-Milwaukee before losing to Marquette in round three.  That is the extent of the success of Bronco basketball.

So welcome Boise State to the Mountain West for the 2011 season.

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