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Texas and Texas A&M Staying In Big XII Spurn Pac-10

The inaccurately named Big XII will continue with ten teams as both Texas and Texas A&M have agreed to stay in the league and reject the chance to be in the 'Surf n Turf' Conference.  Texas is having a press conference at 11 am central time tomorrow and the best tweet of this comes from AOL Fanhouse writer Clay Travis:

Texas ought to be booted from BCS contention on principle alone. Decline offer from two tougher leagues to stay in weakened league? Cowards

So the good news is that there will be no super conferences!  Four or five 16 team mega leagues would not have lasted too long because of egos, but now the expansion domino falls to Utah who has been heavily rumored to go to the Pac-10 to form a 12 team league.  Larry Scott has also said that the Pac-10 could stay at eleven with Colorado, not sure if I am buying that.

Larry Scott could be fueling up his jet and head back to Utah to save face to have a 12 team league with a title game.  Give Scott credit he went big and was pretty close to becoming the best football conference.  Now, Utah fans should wait patiently (as I am doing) to see if an invite comes.

BYU could possibly be in the plans for an expanded Big XII if the league wants a title game, which they do since they have Jerry World rented through 2013.  The Big XII could try to grab Utah and BYU but the television package would not increase too much since both are the same market, so if two teams are needed look for BYU and possibly Memphis with a side guest of $10 million a year for the foreseeable future from FedEx.

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