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Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott Goes On Six City American Tour

To provide further incentive to join his Pacific-super-mega-jumbo-league, Pac-10 commissioner is traveling across America to meet personally with new potential league mates.  Thanks to modern technology we can track the very plane that Larry Scott is on, and as of this post he is on his way to Kansas City international airport to meet with the Jayhawks, and what is even more creepy cool is that his flight is tracked in real time. 


(sorry for fuzziness, click here for better view)

His surprise trip was to Salt Lake Friday night to presumably meet with the Utes. Scott mentioned he was traveling to the Big XII south schools to personally invite them to the Pac-10, but these side visits to Salt Lake and Kansas City solidly confirm that Utah and Kansas State are in the running. 

UPDATE: This plane was in Utah for only an hour, and the plane never went to Kansas on Sunday.

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