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REPORT: Utah To Pac-10 Monday?

This is coming from Tom Cella's who is the head writer at Utah's Rivals' site and he tweeted that Texas A&M is out and Utah will be the next member of the Pac-10 on Monday.  Doing some research this is the only person that said Utah is to the Pac-10.  Others have said it is down to Utah or Kansas if A&M is out, or that Utah is preferred over Kansas.  Not sure if this is accurate just because Pac-10 commish Larry Scott is traveling to Oklahoma and Texas in the next few days to personally invite the five Big XII South members.  Plus, Texas and Texas Tech are having their regent meetings Tuesday of next week, and unless they know A&M is out or the league wants to sit at twelve and wait for these other schools is a reason Utah would get an invite.

Here is a twist from Rebelfan1 in the comment section of another post:

But, here’s a new scenario. What if A&M turns down the invite to the Pac-10 just to be turned down by the SEC. Then we would have our choice of A&M, Missouri, and the Kansas – Kansas St. package. Here comes the next fork in the road. Will Utah accept? Let’s say Thompson finds some way to keep Utah in the MWC (probably not going to happen, but this is speculation). At that point we could add Texas A&M and Missouri. Both are good football programs with big TV Markets and lots of fans. At that point it would be no question that the MWC is a BCS Conference.

Now that would be interesting.

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