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Live Blogging Boise State To The MWC Press Conference

Apparently Colorado was a possibility a long shot in my opinion. 

There is an undisclosed entry fee for Boise State.

Craig wants a true round robin schedule if the league stays at ten teams.

12 teams is a possibility to get a championship game.

Thompson is confident that the upper teams will not be leaving.

League is still looking to add members to make it as strong as possible.

Obvious goal is to become a BCS league (duh!) and believes the league will be a BCS league.

Now in era where geography does not matter in college sports.

No other invitations have been sent to other teams.

League has not petitioned and has no plans to make a title game with 10 teams. 

Our good friend from Orlando Sentinel was the reason the teleconference lady said only one question and a follow up, plus here question was about contacting Kansas and Kansas State was answered prior that said there has been no contact with other schools.



Expansion is moving very quickly, and Thompson does not expect to need to have a vote of allegiance from other nine leagues.  

Side note, Nebraska officially joins Big 10.

League is staying on the look out if they need to add teams or stay put.

Good question about BCS if Big XII blows up.  Thompson not sure, but I assume MWC moves up a spot and is then sixth and thus an auotmtic league.

Mountain West is being aggresive and wants to be a national power with a minimum of being an automatic qualifier in the BCS. 

League wanted Boise State first all along and Colorado was not first option.

There has been conversation about Big XII schools and directly to those schools about joining Mountain West.

Landscape will be a huge change according to Thompson, but not as big as the end of the world scenarios.  

Revenue will be adjusted by adding teams and hopefully the rights fees will increase.

No future meetings scheduled for higher ups.

Board was not forced to make a decision today on expansion, and they always wanted Boise to be the first move.

Currently no talk to add additional WAC schools.

Duh! question that the league wants to expand their tv reach to the east. (My opinion here) Only way to guarantee that is to add teams to the east.

Questioners need to listen!  television deal can be evaluated with new members or if they lost members, but they will not be able to opt out. The tv deals through 2015 if I am correct.  

Yes, Boise State is worth monetary value to the league.  Dollar amount is uncertain but it should increase the leagues tv reveune.

Thompson thinks maybe 12 teams will move in this expansion hub-bub.

No there is no chance to opt out!  Idaho media get that through your head Idaho media.

Five years left on tv deal with some options.

Again no way to break deal the tv deal is just renegotiated for MORE money. It is all about money.

Again, there has been no formal talks to the left overs of the Big XII North schools.

I am shocked at how these paid media members do not know the rules regarding adding Boise to the Mountain West.

ESPN is not the end all in regards to coverage.  TCU and Utah have proven that with both schools making the BCS while not being on ESPN.  Plus, it is more money for Boise State.  Yeah, the tv deal is not ideal, but the Mtn will be on a basic package in the Idaho area, plus CBS College has lowered its tier, and Versus is on as many households as ESPN.

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