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Pac-10 Expansion Regarding Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State Will Have To Wait Until Next Week

Pac-10 may actually let us relax take in what could happen as conference Commissioner Larry Scott is not making any more decisions until next week.  The stall is in regards to Texas A&M  and perhaps Oklahoma are playing footsie the SEC, as well as the Aggies along with Texas might be going to the Big 10.  Larry Scott also put out a quote that no one is buying that the may just stop at eleven teams.  The longer this plays out leaves upon the slim chance that the Pac-10 may grab Utah, but that is their last choice after grabbing Texas and their friends.

Also something else that Chip Brown is saying that if Texas A&M takes too long to make a choice that either Utah or Kansas could go to the Pac-10, as the 16th team.  Not sure If that makes sense for Kansas because they have stated that Kansas State and Kansas is a package deal.  The longer that the Pac-10 waits gives Utah just a little more hope, but unless one of the Big XII South teams -- looking at you Aggies -- decides to go to the SEC then Utah would be a viable choice for the mega Pac-10.

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