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University Of Houston Greenlights $160 Million In Upgrades To Facilities To Become More Attractive To Conference Suitors

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This is either brilliant timing or too little too late for the Houston Cougars.  University of Houston is planning on replacing the decrepit Robertson stadium and Hofeniz Pavilion which is where the basketball teams play.  This is a long time coming since Robertson stadium was a joke and Texas vowed to never play a game there again, because their facilities were so bad.  In that same game where Texas came to town, Houston had to bring in 5,000 extra bleacher seats to accommodate the extra Texas fans.

This new stadium is expected to seat between 40,000 and 50,000 fans which is a big upgrade and this move is obviously aimed at becoming more attractive to possibly what is left of the Big XII or attempting to join the Mountain West.  Even if this upgrade in facilities does not net the Cougars to a bigger league it will surely help them stay on top of the competition within C-USA.

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