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Making the Rounds: UNLV and their opponents


UNLV has released the post-spring depth chart.

What really stood out to me was that SR Channing Trotter was 3rd string running back after starting all last season. FR Bradley Randle and JR C.J. Cox jumped him with Cox becoming the starter. In his 2010 outlook he says that he liked out improvement, but we're nowhere near being able to compete in the Mountain West Conference:

"I like the improvement our team made this spring. We had great enthusiasm and effort. Our players want to put in the time and work to become a good football team. I think our assistants did a fine job of bringing our positioin groups along. I am excited about where we are heading this summer. However, we need to have an outstanding summer. When our players are on their own this off-season, the leaders on this team need to do a great job of getting us to august so we can be in position to win football games this fall. We've got a long way to go for this football team to be competitive in the Mountain West Conference. It's going to take a lot more work."

In the 2010 outlook, Hauck went over each position.

Idaho -

Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis went to the 49er's in the first round of the NFL Draft, both were from Idaho. Here is what Coach Singletary had to say about Iupati:

"To say the truth, we really didn't think either of them would be there. They both are outstanding Offensive Tackles and we had to trade up to get them. We really didn't feel that there was too many teams in front of us that needed a tackle, we just knew that there was teams like Dallas who wanted to trade up and we wanted to be the ones to get them. These two are a great addition to the team and hopefully they can make an immediate impact."

Idaho rarely gets people drafted, so to have two drafted in the first round shows a program building (kind of).

Wisconsin -

There (amazingly) have been no updates on the Badgers official site or the SBNation blog for Wisconsin.

Will look for more updates on Wisconsin Football.

West Virginia -

Offensive Line Coach Dave Johnson described the offensive line as efficient.

"The Line held their pass blocks well and pushed back the D-Line when they run blocked."

West Virginia's schedule looks favorable enough so that thy could be ranked around 15 by the time they face UNLV.

Hawaii -

The Warriors slot receiver Greg Salas was the only Warrior named to the pre-sason all-american team.

Hawaii also extended their deadline for season ticket renewal due to fan feedback.