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BYU's Jimmer Fredette Returning To BYU, Well Maybe

Despite some late buzz regarding Jimmer Fredette being the number two point guard in the draft, he is expected to withdraw his name and will return to school.  A quad injury during a work out with the Knicks looks to be the reason for his decision to return to school.  However, the rumor that Jimmer is returning to school came from Fox Sports Jeff Goodman where a 'source' told him Jimmer was returning to BYU.  Goodman has been wrong in the past (as nearly all reporters can be from time to time) by saying that Utah basketball coach Jim Boylen interviewed for the Iowa job when that was not the case, but rather very early interest from them. 

Then there is another anonymous source that says Jimmer has not yet decided about whether to remain in the draft or return to BYU, and will have a conference call with coach Dave Rose today to inform him of his decision.  Decision time is at 5pm eastern which is coming up shortly, and I fully expect Jimmer to return to BYU