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UNLV 2010 Football Recruit Analysis: Week 4 - Recruits 10-12


This is the fourth article of an eight part "Recruiting Trip" that will describe each UNLV football recruit. Each seperate article will start off with the same introduction.

UNLV has a wide variety of recruits this year, as this coming year will be Bobby Hauck's first year as UNLV head coach. This class ranges from Defensive Ends to Running Backs and shows promise in almost every recruit. He impressed many people, including myself, in the job he did in such a short period.

Hauck was put in the top 25 recruiters by ESPN, given the late start he had, and that deserves some recognition in itself. His highest recruit that he signed was given a 75 by Scouts, Inc. and was a 3 star recruit, but when your coming from a team that went 5-7 its past 2 years and has literally no prestige under its belt, thats not a bad job of recruiting.

List of 2010 recruits, their upsides, downsides and statistics:


Name: Kyle Anderson

School: UNLV

Position: Middle Linebacker

Height/Weight: 5'11" 185 lbs.

High School: Silverado High School in Las Vegas, NV

Other Offers: NAU, Utah

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

Anderson is a two and a half star middle linebacker with great potential. He's tall and thick, so he's perfect for stopping the run. His only issue is stopping the pass, because of his size, he is limited in one on one and zone coverage. That is only a minor issue and could easily have been fixed this past spring. Kyle should become better in pass coverage over the years and really become a force for UNLV. The Upside? No average running back should ever get past him. The Downside? His pass coverage is less than stellar.

Name: Tyler Gaston

School: UNLV

Position:  Defensive Tackle

Height/Weight: 6'3" 250 lbs.

High School: Rancho High School in Las Vegas, NV

Other Offers: Nevada, Boise St., NAU

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

Gaston is a big Defensive Tackle that showcases great strength and bullrush. Even though he isn't a 300 pound monster, Gaston can dominate the line using his strength and height. His bullrush is his main pass rush and if he runs into a stout lineman, he could easily be shutdown. As far as run defense goes, he looks like one who can clog up running lanes for a while. In order to become a starter, he's going to have to develop a different pass rush and bulk up from his current size of 250 lbs. The upside? He can clogup running lanes against a team with a good running back. The downside? He can't really rush the passer against a stout lineman.


Name: Taylor Barnhill

School: UNLV

Position: Quarter Back

Height/Weight: 6'3" 190 lbs.

High School: Northwest High School in Justin, TX

Other Offers: USF, Miami (OH), Rice, UTEP

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

Barnhill has some raw talent, but it hasn't been developed very much. He has good pocket presence and that definitely helps in college, but he struggles with throwing across the middle, short or deep. He runs the option well and can run the football. He is good throwing on the run and throwing to the outside. His major weakness is that he loves to go deep and tends to get to greedy when facing double coverage. The upside? Taylor has good pocket presence and runs the option well. The downside? He tends to make bad decisions and get greedy with deep passes.

Next week I will have Recruits 13-15 and more analysis on them.