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Massive Conferece Realignment To Create A More Balanced Sysetem

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With all the Big 10 expansion talk and their many, many rumors, with 16 team leagues, or the evolution of the super 64 with four conferences with 16 teams, but an idea that is being overlooked is conference equality across the board.  Currently there are 120 FBS teams with two more to join within about five years in South Alabama and University of Texas at San Antonio, but we will disregard those schools for now.

This idea -- not really shocking to regular readers -- is to work with a playoff structure and by creating some equality within the FBS division.  The goal would be to make all the leagues play on an even playing field, at least scheduling wise with the same amount of conference games and a championship game.  The plan would be to have ten leagues with twelve teams each and have the leagues play eight conference games plus a title game.   To placate the people who want to preserve the regular season but still being able to have a playoff would be to have only the ten conference champions would receive auto-bids to the playoff, and then six at-large teams to fill out a sixteen team playoff.

As for the playoff goes it would be organized using the Wetzel plan with the first two rounds being home games, and then the final four raking place at three of the more premiere bowl games.  Possible for the final eight to be held at bowl games which would need seven bowl spots such as the Rose Bowl, Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar, Holiday, and Capitol One Bowl locations.  However, with that set up each game would want to host the title game and once every seven years will not cut it, plus for attendance reasons home games should be used as far as possible.  The final four could go into a bid similar to the NCAA basketball tournament.

With this plan there would be no independents so Notre Dame, Army, and Navy would all be forced to join a league.   Then there would be one league that would be disbanded -- looking at either the Mountain West or WAC.   There would still be leagues that would be stronger then others since the SEC, C-USA, and the ACC would be unchanged since they all ready have twelve teams -- more on the Big XII later -- then Notre Dame would have to get over their overrated self and join the Big 10. The change for the Big XII would reflect around Colorado leaving to join the Pac-10 with Utah and then BYU would go to the Big XII to take their place.

Below is how the ten leagues with twelve teams would look with their separate divisions, and rivalries would be preserved as much as possible so that whining is kept a minimum.  Some leagues may be unbalanced geography to create a more competitive balance.


Atlantic Coastal
Boston College Duke 
Clemson Georgia Tech
Florida State Miami
Maryland North Carolina
North Carolina State Virginia
Wake Forest Virginia Tech

Big East

Division One Division Two
Rutgers Army*
Syracuse Navy*
Cincinnati South Florida
West Virginia
Louisville Temple*
Connecticut Pitt

*Memphis was in C-USA

*Arny and Navy were Independents

*Temple was in the MAC

Big 10

Division One Division Two
Michigan Wisconsin
Michigan State Minnesota
Ohio State Notre Dame*
Iowa Indiana
Illinois Penn State
Northwestern Purdue

*Notre Dame was previously an Independent


North South
BYU* Texas
Nebraska Texas A&M
Kansas Oklahoma
Kansas State Oklahoma State
Missouri Baylor
Iowa State Texas Tech

*BYU replaces Colorado who is now in the Pac-10 and was in the Mountain West


East West
Florida Atlantic* Tulsa
UCF Middle Tennessee State*
Southern Miss Houston 
Marshall SMU
UAB Rice
East Carolina

*Middle Tennessee State and Florida Atlantic were in the Sun Belt


East West
Ohio Central Michigan
Bowling Green Northern Illinois
Kent State Western Michigan
Buffalo Toledo
Akron Ball State
Miami, OH Eastern Michigan

Mountain West

Division One Division Two
UNLV Boise State*
San Diego State Wyoming
Nevada* Air Force
New Mexico Colorado State
TCU Fresno State*
UTEP* Hawaii*

*Formerly in the WAC

*UTEP was in C-USA

Sun Belt

Division One Division Two
New Mexico State* Louisiana-Monroe
North Texas Louisiana-Lafayette
Arkansas State Louisiana Tech*
Utah State* Florida International
Idaho* Western Kentucky
San Jose State* Troy

*Formerly in the WAC


Division One Division Two
Arizona State Arizona
Cal Stanford
Oregon Oregon State
Washington Washington State
Utah* Colorado*

*Utah was in MWC

* Colorado was in Big XII


East West
Florida Alabama
Georgia LSU
Tennessee Mississippi
Kentucky Mississippi State
South Carolina Arkansas
Vanderbilt Auburn


This creates six strong leagues that were the BCS AQ leagues and leaves the Mountain West which was on track to be a BCS league dipped a bit by losing Utah and BYU, but gain Boise making it the strongest non-BCS league with a few power teams.  The Sun Belt looks a little far flung but it would have been the same if named the WAC, but Idaho, Louisiana Tech and Utah State were all once members of the Sun Belt which makes things a little more smooth of a move.

What do you all think is this a better idea to at least try to get some conformity in college football with all leagues the same size and having title games.  The playoff idea is secondary but something I think should happen, so that was tossed in.