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Post Spring Polls Are Ridiculous But I Must Pay Attention

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The thought of rankings for the following season moments after the BCS title game are absurd enough as are these periodic rankings through out the spring where minimal things happen.  The best way to describes these rankings are very comparable to the Kramer painting in Seinfeld where the old couple is disgusted but can not look away for the money quote go to the 1:52 mark, but the entire video is great.

With extreme pre-pre season rankings there should be no real reason to be ticked off or feel as if team 'x' is being disrespected, yet here we are again.  It could be the homer in me that thinks Utah should be ranked in ESPN's Mark Schlabach's latest way too early poll. 

The usual suspects this off season are there with Alabama at the top, Boise State a threat to make a title game, Oregon getting dropped for their off season struggles, and Ohio State not getting pub because of past transgressions.  Besides Utah not being on the list the sore thumb in the group seems to have Texas A&M in the top 25 at 25 for some unknown reasons.  Others are thinking the same and have the Aggies a potential Big XII South dark horse.  Not sure what they see in a team that has not had a winning record since a 7-6 campaign in 2007.  While the Utes have won nine straight bowl games and their last losing season was in 2002 and two coaches ago. 

Arkansas is there of off potential with QB Ryan Mallett and head coach Bobby Petrino as the WWL has them at 14th.  Well at least Andy Staples of SI has Utah in at 25, no Texas A&M, and Arkansas at a reasonable 23rd.