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Boise State Invite To Mountain West Is Looming Next Week, We Are Serious This Time

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Boise State to the Mountain West looks to be coming a reality.  The Mountain West presidents are meeting June 6h to June 8th in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the expectation of expansion being on the table.  Now there is more talk being exchanged between the Boise State AD and Mountain West officials:

The Mountain West presidents will meet June 6-8th in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In preparation of the event, the mountain west has contacted local media here in Boise and is providing us with a coordinated effort to cover the meetings.

So, after years of speculation Boise State looks to be getting an invite to join the Mountain West this next week, because why else would they be invited to cover an event that this not for their current conference.

So, let me be the first to welcome Boise State to the Mountain West. 

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