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Harvey Unga Will Not Return To BYU In 2010

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This is not a big shock to anyone that RB Harvey Unga is not returning to BYU.  The news is that there is actually news on the Unga situation.  The news was broke this morning by Hans Olsen of 1280 the Zone (there you go Hans now quit complaining about not getting credit).

The earliest Unga would be able to return to BYU would be January 2011, therefore keeping him from playing this year.  Unga's next move is to be part of the NFL supplemental draft which typically takes in July, but there has not been a deadline set for applying or the draft itself.

So, what does this mean for BYU in 2010?

This could put a hampering on Jake Heaps becoming the starting quarterback this fall, because Unga would have been running the ball at least 20-25 times to help keep the pressure off of Heaps.  Heaps looks to be the starter, but he may have to provide more separation between himself and Riley Nelson.  Also, another loss should be tacked on the schedule and my early off the cuff projection now has BYU at eight or nine games.  Not bad but it would be the first time since 2006 that BYU would not have ten wins.

The running game now falls to J.J Di Lugi, Bryan Kariya, and stud freshman Joshua Quezada; while that group is talented it does not equal what Harvey Unga would do for BYU.  However, the offensive line anchored by Matt Reynolds will be a strength and if they perform well the running game will be fine.