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Weekly College Sports Stories

Tuesday May 11th -

SEC's toughest September schedules
The SEC is finally scheduling tough, kind of...

Wednesday May 12th -

Jordan, California seek to defy expectations
Shortly after California's final spring practice ended, the Bears erupted in cheers in the locker room. But it wasn't for themselves.


Thursday May 13th -

Pipeline: USC Trojans vs. Miami Hurricanes - ESPN
Which college team has provided the NFL the best pipeline of talent from 1979 to 2009? We're breaking it down bracket-style as the top 16 schools battle it out for the title.

Friday May 14th -

UConn's Jim Calhoun signs new contract
Jim Calhoun signed a new contract. Why did it take so long?


Saturday May 15th -

Jon Leuer learns the Wisconsin Way
One-and-done? It's a foreign concept in Madison. Rising senior Jon Leuer is set to join the long list of four-year players who have thrived doing it the Wisconsin Way.


Sunday May 16th -

Notes from Day 2 of the Big Ten meetings
Day 2 of the Big Ten's spring meetings is in the books, here are some notes, quotes and takeaways from the Hotel Sofitel in Chicago


Monday May 17th -

Malcolm Lee and Jerime Anderson determined to turn around UCLA Bruins
Of the five members of UCLA's top-ranked 2008 recruiting class, only Malcolm Lee and Jerime Anderson remain. It'll be up to them to turn around the Bruins after an embarrassing 18-loss season -- and they know it.