Okay, who are we kidding. The bottom of both leagues is terrible.

The Orlando Sentinel is ranking the 2010 FBS football teams from 120-1. In the bottom 15, only SJSU (114) has appeared so far for the WAC.

Neither of the Moustached teams are there yet from the WAC (NM State for their Mascot, and the Vandals for Robb Akey. Come to think of it, have you ever seen those two together at the same time...hmmm.... I'm just saying) The "milk the cow cheer" folks aren't there yet either. (Dumbest cheer ever....)

Anyway, WSU is representin' the PAC-10 solidly at 112. Vandals new slogan: "We own the Palouse!!!"

3 MWC teams are already in.

No. 110 UNLV

No. 109 New Mexico

No. 108 Colorado State

This isn't good for BSU's rumored nuptials with the Mountain West. Now, I fully expect New Mexico State, Idaho and Utah State will be appearing soon, but if they are in the 80's or even 90's, the bottom of the MWC looks pretty poor in comparison right now. Utes and Cougars may have their faith tested. Not that faith. Their faith that the MWC is far superior to the WAC.

I'm not saying BSU shouldn't jump if offered, but Broncos may get just as tired of UNLV, New Mexico and CSU as they are right now of NMSU, USU and SJSU. Broncos are tired of the Vandals as well, but that is just on general attitude and suckiness. The Harvard of the Palouse may have a problem with me making up words such as "suckiness", but it's my post, I can make up words if I want. See any Munson post on OBNUG for authority on that proposition.

If the Big 3 all stay, it's a good deal, even with the crappy TV contract, but if Broncos are left with the little 6, or even the little 6 plus 1 or 2, it's going to be a big letdown for Broncos.